Thursday, January 31, 2013

First attempt in gameplay video

Finally, another post.. I have been truly M.I.A this whole time.. true to the title of my blog.

Anyway.. just wanna share my first attempt in making a gameplay video.

Just showing some gameplay of the recently released DmC Devil May Cry game with the classic skin for Dante.

Personally I'm ok with his new look below..

But there's just this iconic look to the classic Dante.

Although I would prefer the old look over the new one right now, all in all, in the end all that matters is how fun the gameplay itself really is.

To me, I think the game is pretty fun.. you can easily feel like a baddass playing the game. It is easier and more accessible than previous games. A friendly game to a casual gamer in my opinion. For a hardcore gamer, there are some crazy difficulty modes included in the game as well.
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