Friday, May 29, 2009

Kyrios 1/100 Review Pt.1

Finally finals over...

Okay, it's time I try reviewing one of my Gundam.

This is Kyrios of scale 1/100. Kyrios is the third Gundam from Gundam 00 Season 1 I bought. The first being 1/100 Dynames, followed by 1/100 Exia.
Firstly I like the color of the gundam of course...somewhat in the yellow family..
I pretty much like the designs of all 1/100 scale gunplas from this series. They are all very detailed and the articulations are not bad.

Being a 1/100 scale model, there are quite a lot of paintings to do for this kit. I've learned using a clear paint in the process of assembling this kit. I mixed clear blue & yellow to achieve a desirable clear green effect for the green panels on the chest, arms & the side of its head. You can't really see the effect from the photo above, the green panel looks like black because of the lighting.

In the photo above, I've marked the parts that are painted. Mostly with grey paint which I paint using grey gundam marker. There are also some dark grey part that are painted on the gun. Yeah.. so basically you have to do all the paintings to achieve the amount of details which for me is quite good enough.

Okay, now here you can see the green effect achieved from the clear green paint.(The original color of the green circular panel is just clear transparent. I've been wondering how to achieve that effect for some time. Finally I'm glad to know that there's no need for fancy2 techniques.

I also did my usual sanding technique using tamiya abrasives to achieve the matt look. Combined with the Real Touch Marker for the panel lining, it makes the kit looks a bit weathered(with some shadow effect & all).

This is the view from the back. Looks quite bulky. Kyrios is a transformable mobile suit. So, the articulation is not as flexible as either Dynames or Exia and this gundam is the type that looks better posed with a stand. Its design is for aerial combat after all.

Size comparison with a HG 1/144.

This is it for the 1st part, next part would be the transformation & some action poses.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh my God....~

I cried...

Prison Break: Final Break


There're actually 2 more episodes of Prison Break!!
Episode 23 & 24 being made into a movie...

The episodes are titled Prison Break: Final Break. Just aired on the 27th March...
The story will cover up what happens in the 4 years gap in episode 22. Probably will show how Michael Scofield ended up like he did at the end of episode 22.

Luckily! Someone already uploaded it to Cybertracker... and I've already downloaded it!!
Imma gonna go watch now!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Swear Saya Cinta Kamu

Sumpah I Love You.

Another song by an Indonesian group with cute girls
The group is called MahaDewi.

Shortly after Dewi Dewi disbanded, 2 of the former members of Dewi Dewi, Shinta Dewi & Purie Andriani formed a new group named MahaDewi.

Although consists of the same members(minus one of course), MahaDewi starts of sounded different from DewiDewi.

Have a listen..(or watch)

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Days in Summer

One of the greatest vocalist I've known to date...


This video was taken during his sisters'(Aqiesz & Ellen) birthday celebration in January 2008.

Faviq singing 10 Days in Summer accompanied by Jenk on acoustic guitar(it's a Fender Stratocaster acoustic guitar damnit!!)..
I get to play that guitar as well.. The guitar is owned by Aqiesz..

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

Superb vocals!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Creed's Reunited!!

Creed(band) was formed in 1995 with band members, Scott Stapp(Vocalist), Mark Tremonti(Guitars), Brian Marshall(Bass) & Scott Phillips(Drums).

The band gains in popularity in late 90s with their hit singles "Higher" & "With Arms Wide Open" from their 2nd album "Human Clay"(1999).

The bassist, Brian Marshall left the band in 2000.

The band released their 3rd album, "Weathered" in 2001. The band went well until 2004, when they officially announced their break-up.

It was a sad news to me until I heard of the forming of Alter Bridge, which consists of the same band members as Creed, with a new vocalist, Myles Kennedy. To my pleasure, their music was really good. You can really hear the band's improvement over the years.

One day, I was searching for videos of Alter Bridge in youtube, hoping to find a good quality live videos, and I found one. It's a preview of their soon to be released live DVD. A video of Myles Kennedy performing "Watch Over You".

As usual, i scrolled down and read some comments. So, one of them said"
"What happened to Alter Bridge? I heard that Creed's reunited with their Full Circle."
Something like that.

I was shocked.

So I went over to Wikipedia(the easiest source of info these days) and search for Creed.

There it was stating that Creed really has reunited.

To summarize, Scott Stapp had a meeting with the other band members, had some sort of talks, jamm a bit, discuss something, and they decided that Creed could still make a comeback.

They will have a reunion tour on August 5th - October 14th.(2009)
The band's website has also been reconstructed.

They have completed work on six demos & planned to record the album. Creed's next album will be titled "Full Circle".

Even though with Creed's rerunion and all, Alter Bridge will still be there. The band(Alter Bridge) stated that the reformation of Creed has no effect on Alter Bridge's whatsoever. After Creed's tour, Alter Bridge will return to the studio to record their 3rd album.

So, now, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall & Scott Phillips have officially 2 bands to handle. (must be hard work)

Creed's photos:
Creed then:

Creed now:

Doesn't Scott Stapp now looks like Lincoln Burrows of Prison Break?
I look really excited & looking forward to hear new stuff from the new Creed.

On the side note: This year, "Higher" was listed as one of the 100 greatest hard rock song of all times by VH1. Great huh?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love Doctor

An indonesian song by a group named Dewi Dewi.

The song is titled "Dokter Cinta"
I first know of this song from my sister's blog.

Here's the song & its video clip.

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

The song surprisingly has a certain catchy tunes to it.

Dewi Dewi are:
1. Shinta Dewi
2. Purie Andriani
3. Carolina Agustine Kamarie

And all the girls are stunningly cute and beautiful

Apparently this group has been disbanded in December 2008...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pirate Kid

Captain: I hear there's a good musician out there.

Crew: Aye, captain!

Captain: Bring 'em here!

Crew: Aye, captain!


Captain: What's this?? A kid???

Crew: Aye, captain! Watch!

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

Captain: Well, well. He IS good isn't he?

Crew: Aye captain!

Captain: Alas! Kid! Would you like to join of our crew? We could use some good music around here!

Heheh...That kid is really good! I think he's better than me... Damn! ^^

Friday, May 22, 2009

TopShop Girl

A title for Brainhead's new demo...
It's actually "Gadis Gedung Atasan".

An interesting name for an interesting song.

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

Listening to this song makes you wanna go like this

This song is the type of song that stays in your head after you listened to it.

Visit their MySpace page.. check out their songs..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kickass guitarist

This is one good example to not judge the book by its cover...

If you play this video without the audio... you might think "what's this? a joke?"
Yeah, his expression is very funny...

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

BUT.. once you hear his playing... you'll think "WOW!! This is one great guitarist!"

So, the conclusion is, this guy's one kickass guitarist with funny expression...^^
His skills are crazy!!... Two Thumbs UP!!... XD

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ten facts

Found this in one of youtube's many comments... ^^

Here are ten facts
1. You are reading my comment
2. Now you are saying/thinking that's a stupid fact.
4. You didn't notice that i skipped 3.
5. You are checking it now.
6. You are smiling.
7. You are still reading my comment.
8. You know all you have read is true.
10. You didn't notice that i skipped 9.
11. You are checking it now.
12. You didn't notice there are only 10 facts.

fun eyh?...^^

Solo Bersenjata Putera

Sometime in June 2006, shortly after SUKMA XI in Kedah, I entered another silat competition in Terengganu. It was called "Festival Seni Silat Kebangsaan".

I entered 2 categories:
1. Solo Bersenjata Putera
2. Wiraloka Bebas Putera

Here I got a video of me performing for the 1st category I mentioned.

Follow this link here if the video isn't working.

For this category I managed to won 3rd place & the other category, we won 1st place.

Unfortunately the video for the 2nd category is somewhat damaged.

I wish I am fit as I was back then. Been neglecting my fitness ever since then. ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

Final Exam Syndrome

dead........................ tired.............................not........... enough................... sleep...............

Must...................... hold.................... on............................

for........................ a................. few.................. more..................... hours.....................

Wish me luck for my exams^^

Prison Break

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
--Michael J. Scofield--

Farewell Prison Break.. it was a nice finally ends.. :'(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freeloaders INC on MySpace!!

Freeloaders INC's MySpace account.. do check it out...

You can listen to our humble attempt of our first recording experience for a song entitled 'Dusta', being made possible by the awesome guys at Arc studio. Thanks to Keith and Nick.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch a Fish!!

The cold hard lands
They bites our hands
They gnaw our feet.
The rock and stones
are like old bones
all bare of meat.
But stream and pool
is wet and cool:
so nice for feet!
And now we wish...

Alive without breath;
as cold as death;
never thirsting, ever drinking;
clad in mail, ever clinking.
Drowns on dry land,
thinks an island
is a mountain;
thins a fountain
is a puff of air.
So sleek, so fair!
What a joy to meet!
We only wish
to catch a fish,
so juicy-sweet!

A quote from Gollum.
Taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.

I don't know why, I like this Gollum's song.^^

A thought came to me in the midst of the hotness of my room. "Would it be interesting to do voice acting?"

I know warm condition and voice-acting doesn't relate to one another, this is just a random thought. I've been watching many different animes, cartoons & played many games. How does it feel to have your own voice in one of them?

This photo is taken during Monash's music festival.. I was lucky with the stage lights and the photographer being able to take this shot at the right moment^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music for GAZA

Last night was quite fun..
Had a show in MMU's multipurpose hall for an event called "Music for GAZA". An event organized by the collaboration for clubs and organizations in MMU such as SRC, DJ club, Usrah and many more.

Overall for me, the event was kind of like a 'low-profiled' event. It was not grand nor too happening. But was decent event. Everything was organized quite well. No rushing, no last minute changes. All in all, it was quite good despite there being quite few crowds. Only half of the hall at the most.

Seven bands performed for this event. We(Freeloaders Inc) were the second last band to perform.

Performed 2 originals and 2 covers. Our song lists was:
1. Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon cover (finally get to perform this song for the first time. It was fun!^^)
2. Dusta - original song
3. Personal Jesus - original song
4. Best Of You - Foo Fighters cover

And I thought we were done after Best Of You but some of the crowd seemed wanted more so we played another song.
5. Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers cover

Shazwan's(vocalist) girlfriend happened to record 2 of the songs we performed using her phone(i think) and the sound was quite OK.
Surprisingly our sound balance was also quite OK.

The videos:

click here if the video isn't working

Best Of You

click here if the video isn't working

Our first performance in MMU wasn't bad at all^^.
Hopefully we get to work on new song soon.

I have no photos of the event at the moment. =P
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