Sunday, August 23, 2009

MG Force Impulse Part 3

This part is about the third part of the main body of Impulse gundam. The Leg Flyer.

See Part 1 here
See Part 2 here

There are not so many parts for the Leg Flyer as compared to the Chest Flyer. It only has:
1. Waist
2. Legs & Feet

So, lets start with the waist.
Parts needed for assembling the waist:

Completed Waist:

Next is the Legs & Feet.
Parts needed:

Completed Legs & Feet:

Assemble those two parts together(waist & legs&feet), and you will get the Leg Flyer.
Completed Leg Flyer:

Core Splendor, Chest Flyer & Leg Flyer:

Combine all 3 together, you'll get:
Impulse Gundam!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just wanna wish everybody a very happy Ramadhan...

May this blessed month brings good changes in everything.

MG Force Impulse Part 2

For part 2, I'm gonna show the 2nd part of the main body of Impulse Gundam, the Chest Flyer.

See part 1 here

Chest Flyer is actually consists of:
1. Torso
2. Head
3. Arms & Hands
4. Shoulders
5. Beam Rifle
6. Shield

I started of building the Chest Flyer by building its torso first,

The parts needed for the torso:

Torso assembled:

Parts needed for the head:

Assembled head:

You can see the small markings(X56S SEI) on the forehead which is kinda neat, considering how small this kit is. With my fingers visible on the photo above, you can clearly see the size of the head. Awesome detailing by Bandai. ^^

Parts needed for the arms & hands:

Basically I just show parts for one hand, as for the other hand, the parts are more or less similar with some mirrored version of the same parts.

Arms & hands completed:

Parts needed for shoulders:

Shoulders completed:

Parts needed for the beam rifle:

Beam rifle assembled:

Parts needed for the shield:

Shield completed:

Okay, with all the individual units completed, it's time to assemble them together to form the Chest Flyer.

Chest Flyer completed:

Core Splendor & Chest Flyer:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MG Force Impulse Part 1

My Megatron is still 80% done in its phase 3... Meanwhile I decided to assemble this Gunpla.

MG Force Impulse Gundam

First I'd like to show all the runners involved in constructing this MG.

Runners A-G

The rest of them

Now I've got the runners out of the way, I can start assembling the gunpla. One thing about this gundam is that it's not one piece robot like most other gundams. It's constructed from 3 different parts for its main body, which is:
1. Core Splendor (where the pilot is)
2. Chest Flyer (upper torso)
3. Leg Flyer (Leg...what else? ^^)

The Gundam name is basically just Impulse gundam.. the name 'Force' signifies the current mode the gundam is in. There are 3 different modes which are, Force Impulse, Sword Impulse & Blast Impulse, each with its own specialty. For Force Impulse, its specialty is mobility & balanced firepower.

I'm gonna start with core splendor in this post. Core splendor is basically where the cockpit is. Shaped like a small jet, it will transform somewhat to fit in the waist of the Gundam during the combination to be Impulse gundam.

Here's the parts needed to construct the Core Splendor.

And here it is completed.

The Core Splendor is quite small. So, it required some paintings to get the color scheme right. like the blue on the wings, the little red part on the front vents, the grey on the nose & missile & and the yellow part on the tail(i dunno if this is what's it called).

Different views:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I can't believe I've been screwed twice by girls in this one month... -_-

One girl added me in MySpace and I think she's kinda cute..I said hi..She responded..
After that, all of a sudden she became all friendly to I thought "Wow, this must be my lucky day".. all the while I was actually being played...

I had suspected that there is something not quite right with the girl,.. her photos seemed somehow unnatural..seemed too good to be true...I played along,..along the way became more and more comfortable and then at one point, I'm almost certain she was real.

One day, she said to me that there is this one guy told her that she looked alot like this one Japanese AV star. So I googled the AV star. The resemblance is almost scary.. so I began to have my doubts...

I started asking her to have a webcam chat with me but instead, when we chat, I'm always the only one with my webcam on. She said that her PC doesn't have webcam, her laptop was always with her friend so she couldn't use it. Conveniently when she had her laptop with her, I'm always unavailable..When I'm finally online, her laptop was again with her friend. This scenario happens over and over again but I said, it's ok.. Its not the time yet maybe..I'll wait.

I started downloading videos of the AV star. One video completed.. Damn! new material.. hahaha.

Second video completed... I watched it. Then in this video, there's this one part showing some website that has some photos. To my absolute surprise (or OBVIOUSLY), there's this one photo of the girl that she used on her MySpace which confirms my suspicion that the girl is FAKE.

When I told her about my discovery, she became defensive and told me I was making excuses for not wanting to see her and asked for proof. She even swore to god she didn't lie to me. I sent her an email(I don't know what for) with the screenshot of the part of the video with the photo of her. I don't know whether or not she opened the email. After that, she sort of disappear from my MySpace and kept quiet until now.

Quoted from her MySpace page:
"...I Don't Do Perverts, Sex Maniacs, Psychos, Fakers, Desperados, Wannabes, Annoying People, Backstabbers, etc..."

FAKERS?? Who's the goddamn FAKERS?? Does it feel good playing with other people's feeling? Does it feel good faking your own existence just to get attention from guys?
Who's the goddamn Desperados?? Speaking for yourself. Wannabes?? I still don't get how her mindset works...

Thanks to her though, I get to fantasize of being with this one cute girl who doesn't exists.

My conclusion,

Girls - Liars, Hypocrites, Untrustworthy until proven otherwise.

Gone were the days when girls claim to be the victim of guys' misconduct.

Should have just stayed with my guitar, animes, gundams & transformers. Life's so much easier and fun without this fucking relationship bullshit!
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