Thursday, January 31, 2013

First attempt in gameplay video

Finally, another post.. I have been truly M.I.A this whole time.. true to the title of my blog.

Anyway.. just wanna share my first attempt in making a gameplay video.

Just showing some gameplay of the recently released DmC Devil May Cry game with the classic skin for Dante.

Personally I'm ok with his new look below..

But there's just this iconic look to the classic Dante.

Although I would prefer the old look over the new one right now, all in all, in the end all that matters is how fun the gameplay itself really is.

To me, I think the game is pretty fun.. you can easily feel like a baddass playing the game. It is easier and more accessible than previous games. A friendly game to a casual gamer in my opinion. For a hardcore gamer, there are some crazy difficulty modes included in the game as well.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another First Post...

After a year plus gone...


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sayonara, Yoshito Usui-sensei

For those who doesn't know who he is, he is the creator of Crayon Shin Chan.

The police has confirmed the body found at the bottom of the cliff where Yoshito Usui went missing since 11th Sept belonged to the late artist.

More detailed news from Mainichi.

He was one of the few artist that manages to portray so many emotions & expressions with such a simple drawings.

I personally don't really follow the manga closely but I do read them from time to time and it's really hilarious. A really good manga for you to read to relax.

We mourn the loss of such a great artist.
Goodbye Shin Chan

RIP Yoshito Usui-sensei.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maaf Zahir Batin!!

Dah lamak sik update blog tok...

Anyway, I'll be leaving for Kuching tomorrow, so, *fingers crossed* I hope the internet there is okay.. but usually, I hardly go online during my time in Kuching.

So, I'll wish this a bit earlier before I miss the chance to do so..

For those yg ada tersakit hati oleh anything I've ever done this year and all those past years, saya mintak maaf banyak2..mohon ampun mintak dimaafkan apa2 kesalahan either yg sengaja atau yg sik sengaja...

Kepada sesiapa yg ada menyakiti hati saya, saya maafkan..apa yg dah berlalu biarlah berlalu... bak kata Kak Milah, memaafkan akhirnya memanfaatkan dirikpun juak...

To all,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,
Maaf Zahir Batin,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PG OO Gimmick

PG OO Gundam's Gimmick...

One gimmick has been confirmed, so far as I know..I might be missing some info...but here it is...

The rotating insides of its GN Drive! Nice!

Here's the video showing the gimmick:

Click here if the video isn't working.

Another poison to tempt me to buy this....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PG OO Raiser Images

Found these images from Ngee Khiong's blog, where I usually got all the new info on the upcoming Gunpla releases and stuff.

These are images of the soon to be released PG OO Raiser. Images are from the official site.

Are they planning to make the insides of the GN drive to spin as well?

See the details they all planned for this kit? I can't wait!

PG OO Raiser will be out on November this year. The price will be 26,250 yen. That will be around RM990++... Although it is damn expensive...Me want.....

MG Force Impulse Part 4

To make Impulse Gundam into Force Impulse Gundam...One more part is needed which I didn't mention in part 1, is its Force Silhouette.

See Part 1 here.
See Part 2 here.
See Part 3 here.

So, this is the pieces needed to assemble the Silhouette Flyer & the Force Silhouette:

Completed Silhouette Flyer & Force Silhouette.(The jet-like white part in front is the Silhouette Flyer, while the red part at the back is the Force Silhouette.

There are some paintings needed for the Silhouette Flyer to get the accurate color scheme. The whites on the Flyer's wings, as shown below is hand painted. You can see some messy-ness I've yet to clean..=P

Back view:

The thrusters for the Force Silhouette has some red colors that needs painting as you can see below.(In the insides of the grey cover of the the thrusters)

Front view.:

Now, these are all the parts you need for a Force Impulse Gundam. ^^
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