Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MG Force Impulse Part 4

To make Impulse Gundam into Force Impulse Gundam...One more part is needed which I didn't mention in part 1, is its Force Silhouette.

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So, this is the pieces needed to assemble the Silhouette Flyer & the Force Silhouette:

Completed Silhouette Flyer & Force Silhouette.(The jet-like white part in front is the Silhouette Flyer, while the red part at the back is the Force Silhouette.

There are some paintings needed for the Silhouette Flyer to get the accurate color scheme. The whites on the Flyer's wings, as shown below is hand painted. You can see some messy-ness I've yet to clean..=P

Back view:

The thrusters for the Force Silhouette has some red colors that needs painting as you can see below.(In the insides of the grey cover of the the thrusters)

Front view.:

Now, these are all the parts you need for a Force Impulse Gundam. ^^

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