Friday, February 20, 2009

Awesome Acoustic

As we all know.. from time to time, bands do acoustic version of their songs.

Sometimes the song would sound emptier than the original, some would have their own distinct sound making them real nice alternate version of the songs.

Here I came across one of those that sounded really good when I was messing around looking for videos in Youtube(as usual)^^

Anyway, the song that I meant was Without You performed by Hinder. Hinder for me was just another rock band which their last album sounded just average where according to someone I know, their sounds & appearances does not match one another Which I found somewhat true. I don't really care what the band looks like, as long as they have good songs, nice to listen, that's good enough.

What a good song meant for me is basically their overall sound and melody. I could not judge any song by their lyrics because I'm never good in interpreting lyrics. Most of the time I sing a song, I memorized the lyrics but I don't know what they mean. ^^

Okay, back to topic.

This is the original song.

And this is the acoustic version.

Acoustic guitar sounds, combined with piano, strings and awesome backing vocals, making this song sounded so beautiful.(I'm always a fan to songs with good backing vocals) The original song sounded just like any typical modern rock songs with a mainstream quality but after I listened to this acoustic version, it sort of making me look at this song in a new light.^^

This song became one of my favorites because of the acoustic version.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In every beat of my heart..

Notice the 'jiwang' title? XD

I'm just wondering, how true such phrases are meant when being used...

I came across this conversation recently:

A: C, I met the girl just now.

C: Owh? So, what happened?

A: I just do like this. *making a half-hearted smile* And then walk away.

In C's mind, "Why the hell did you do that for?" but kept silent.

A continues his story.

A: I met her at ....*bla bla bla*...(just to shorten the story) When I walked away, I couldn't see what her reaction was but when I arrived at my room she smses me asking what's wrong. Why would she do that?

Again in C's mind, *DUH* <-- I hated this expression but it just seemed appropriate at the time...^^

C: Of course she is concerned about you. Its not like you guys had any problem with each other right?

A: Well, yeah. But it hurts. I like her too much and I know she's not available.

C: Treating her like that won't help the situation one bit. Like I said, be friends. Know her better. The way you're acting now, sooner or later she'll feel annoyed or even disgusted and whatever relationship you had with her will be ruined.

A: I know, but I can't help myself.

C: It's your choice.

After a while...

A: C, I can't stop thinking about her. In every beat of my heart, there's her.


*okay, the story is not 100% true to the source but the basic idea is the same*

So that's what brought me into writing this post.
The word's in phrases like:

"I will love you FOREVER"
"Di setiap degupan jantungku ada kamu"

Or any other 'jiwang' phrases might sound cool and all.. but personally I think, those phrases suit better in songs or cards or whatever else as a symbol... Just symbolic idea of how much you love someone and... NOT to be taken seriously...


Because, in every relationship I came across, or that I know of, usually they couldn't keep up with such promises...

Again... why???

Because, words and phrases like Forever, Eternal, All my life are much to strong a word/phrase for any normal human being to keep up. Unless of course you can see the future. ^^

This is just another random thought that came to me in the middle of the night.^^

I'll admit that I've an obsession(Notice I use the word obsess in place of a crush or in love^^) over a girl for a long time but still I don't think she's here in every beat of my heart. *hahaha! INGGA ku nenga mun ku madah benda gia*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know I need to post new stuff in my blog but lately I've been too LAZY to do almost anything except reading books(Wow!!)

I've got tons of things to post about but I've not yet found the initiative to do anything about them..

Again, this post has no meaning to it except just random ramblings of mine just to satisfy the need to post something in the midst of my LAZY state...So, I'll just keep on writing on whatever comes to mind in this post..Pardon me if I jumped in and out of topics...

I have just finished reading the 1st 2 books of Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar series called Magician: Apprentice & Magician: Master. Now I'm into the third book.

Owh, and last week, Freeloaders Inc.(one of my bands) finally had their jamming session and completed 1 song.(just the music, vocals... not yet ^^)

I've been meaning to watch a movie last weekend, but..well.. we can just plan..

Resident Evil 5 will come out 13th March.. I can't wait...^^ I'll be back in Kuching on the 20th to 29th March... Hopefully YTM doesn't do their 'ever usually wrong-timed' camps for us at that time around so I'll not have to change the date of my flights to and from Kuching.

I've also changed my hairstyle from this:
Hoahh!!! Pipi kembang selepas beberapa minggu di Kuching.. Well fed!!! XD

to this:
This pic was taken the night before Lann & Wan Aziz flew to Aussie...(I don't have photos of myself this is the best for now..besides, I don't really like taking photos of myself... ^^)

Lastly, my hostel room is so damn HOT!!!!~ And I manage to catch a flu in this hotness... What the hell?~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memory's lost

My handset's alarm was set quite early today for I wouldn't want to miss class on the first day I came back from holiday. It took me a few hours of snoozing until I finally woke up. After a refreshing shower, I was really in the mood for class. Packed my laptop, some blank papers for taking notes, a calculator my mp3 player and I'm off to class.

Went through 5 levels of stairs, 2 hostel blocks then to the main campus. I looked around, saw some posters showing some activities that had been done and yet to be done. Then, i came across 1 that promotes some Valentine's Day stuff. The date was from 2-13 February operating daily from 10am - 4pm if i remember correctly. The venue is Central Plaza which I will get through shortly.

As I was getting close to Central Plaza, i notice how few people i saw in campus. In fact, I saw no one in Central Plaza, around XR lecture halls, 1 or 2 people in front of the library. Now, where is that valentine's booth? "What? Everyone's in class?" I thought. I continued on my route to class on the 2nd floor of FIT building.

It never occur to me how strangely few people i saw. My class was scheduled 11am and the time was 11 just as I arrive in the FIT building. I started worrying about being late, even though at most I'll be late 3-5 minutes. Not that it matters that much to me but last week, my friend was saying she got kicked out of class for being 5 minutes late! The lecturer said "NO EXCUSES!" and asked her to leave the class. I was afraid that I'll be having more of that type of lecturer this trimester.

Just as I'm about to arrive at my class's room, my father called.

Bapak: Adi, baruk bangun kah?

Adi: Sik pak, baruk mok sampe kelas.

Bapak: Kitak ada call kah?

Adi: Call? Sekda lah.

Bapak: Aih? Apa ada miss call?

Adi: Aih? Mena kah? Sekda bah Adi tipon.

Bapak: Oh. Sik hal lah. Bait2lah sinun.

*call ended*

Perhaps I pressed the call button in my sleep? No? Anyway, I had arrived in front of my class and the door's locked! What the hell?

Then I started thinking back. Class canceled? No. There's no announcement about that that I know of. What if... it's a holiday... Then the thought came back to me, all the clues that how few people was in campus and all. Today IS a public holiday!

OO MA GOD!!!! All those hype and worrying and walking to class thinking what to study just to find locked lecture rooms.

Feeling ashamed of myself for not to know this holiday, I walked back to my hostel, calling some of my friends on the way to ease the shame. Bak kata urang Serawak, kede ngan dirik mpun.

So, I got the whole day to rest. So I decide to reorganize things in my laptop. I was thinking of reinstalling Vista back. So, I move all my data to the D drive partition and start the formatting process. First, I must install the Dell's Media Direct before installing vista as it says on the CD "Use this before installing your OS". So, after making sure every data i want to keep had safely been moved to D partition, I start booting my laptop using CD.

Then, 3 options appear on screen:

1. Use all memory in C:... bla bla bla...
2. State how much memory in C: the rest will be in D:
3. Exit

So, I choose 1. There's a beep and a warning message:

Warning! Doing this will erase all data on your HARD DISK DRIVE.
Y: yes
N: no
R: return previous screen

Thinking that it only appears to effect the C: partition I currently have, i pressed Y.

Shortly afterward:

Operation Completed. Remove Media Direct CD and install your OS. Boot your OS then, insert the Media Direct CD to complete the installation.

Okay, simple enough. I inserted my Vista installation CD, select some options until it came to the partition select screen.

Partition 1: 229GB Free: 229GB Primary
Partition 2: 3GB Free: 3GB Logical
Partition 3: 299GB Free: 50GB Primary

At first i thought, okay, there's 3 partitions, so one must be C drive, D drive and the logical must be for the Media Direct. Then I saw how much memory in each partition. What? 229GB? I remembered my C drive only had 90 plus GB.

O MA GOD!!!!!!! All my data got erased!!!! Why oooo why didn't I see the HARD DISK DRIVE in the warning message.

Now I lost all my mp3s, pictures, videos, games, mangas and some other good stuff. T_T

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

Now, this is the latest trailer of the upcoming dragonball movie.
The effects looks cool..

we get to see shenron in this trailer!!

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