Friday, October 31, 2008

Extreme Cuteness!!!

Experience the extreme cuteness of Chi's Sweet Home!!^^

The full theme song for the anime..

Anime opening:

Ouchi Ga Ichiban

Mite mite minna
Omochiroi ne (omoshiroine)
Iron nano kajiru nameru
Tsume tatete miuyo (tsume tatete miruyo)
Mya- Mya-

Ouchi ni kaen nakya
Itsuno manika mitsuketeta
Yasashii basho

Gokigen re-su (Gokigendesu)
Miuku ippai urechii (Miruku ippai ureshii)
Asonda atowa naderarete gokigen
Itarakimasu (itadakimasu)
Oichii monode pon pon (Oishii monode pon pon)
Nekoronde shiawase

Satesate sampo
Emono dokora?
Kietatta (kiechatta) mawaru sagasu
Daremo inaku nacchatta
Mya- Mya-

Ouchi ni kaeritai
Hitoribocchi yamemachita (yamemashita)
Ooisogire (ooisogide)

Taraimare-su (tadaima desu)
Shippo futte yorochiku (yoroshiku)
Nobi nobi nobite ofuton ni totsugeki
Ohanachi (ohanashi) ki-te
Bouken chitayo (shitayo), doki doki
Demo koko ga ichiban

Unyanya? Unyanya!

Gokigen re-su (Gokigendesu)
Miuku ippai urechii (Miruku ippai ureshii)
Asonda atowa naderarete gokigen
Itarakimasu (itadakimasu)
Oichii monode pon pon (Oishii monode pon pon)
Nekoronde shiawase
Ouchi nara shiawase

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guns of the Patriots

I had finished MGS4 today!!

had sooo much fun playing it...maybe i can afford finishing it again a second time with the remaining 1 week plus... ^^

To me, the game feels like you're playing & watching movie at the same time...the cutscenes are very long....some even i think more than 30 mins long....

MGS games never disappoint me..
Every installment i feel like playing more than once...

No wonder the game got very high rating on both GameFAQs & GameSpot...

I definitely have to play the game again...wanna try unlocking as many secrets as I can.. ^^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear God music video..

I just feel like putting this here..

Wish i can sing this song.. XD

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Starting 2nd week of holiday ^^

It's my 2nd Sunday in Kuching.

1 of my many wishes came true yesterday as I decided to buy myself a PS3.. ^^
yes...a PS3!! The feeling was...overwhelming!!! XD
Now I have more things to look forward to in Kuching...

And the first game i played on PS3 was Metal Gear Solid 4... In's the only game i have for PS3 for now..

As for now..i will have to update a few things on what i wanted to do during my holiday...
  1. Register for next sem (i have to prioritize this)
  2. Finish playing MGS4 ^^ (i have PS3 now..*broad grin*) --> finished Act 1
  3. Complete my Kyrios --> half way done
  4. Finish reading Belgariad --> now half way through book 4.
  5. Finish playing Resident Evil Code:Veronica X... --> half way done
  6. Laksa Sarawak
  7. Rojak Kuchei
  8. Kacang Ais Akang
  9. Buy strings for my guitar --> done!
  10. Buy guitar picks --> done!
I haven't got USB cables for my camera i can't upload any photos yet.. (i've changed my camera recently...but i prefer my old camera :(.... owh well.... Now i wonder when will i ever get to buy gadgets for my guitar....i already spend sooo much on PS3...guess it will have to wait.... Having too many hobbies & interests hurts your wallet a lot ^^...

Monday, October 20, 2008

2nd day in Kuching^^

2 days in Kuching...

i've got sore throat.. T_T...

my laptop's faster now that i'm using Windows XP again.... seriously...Vista is soooo damn heavy OS.....

I've been thinking of buying a certain stuff.... EXPENSIVE stuff...still unable to decide although my dad's shown his 'green-light'.... =S

Now that i'm in goal is:
1. Complete my Kyrios
2. Finish playing Resident Evil Code:Veronica X...
3. Laksa Sarawak
4. Rojak Kuchei
5. Kacang Ais Akang
6. Buy strings for my guitar
7. Buy guitar picks

I'm not really sure whether i can do goal 1 or not....cuz i'm still not in the mood yet.. -_-
Jenk & family have moved to i cannot lepak-lepak jamming gik... T_T

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally, my exam's over!! XD
DUIT ytm dah masok!!! Boleh bershopping.. ^^

Tho... i'm not particularly doing good this semester..
I have to admit that this sem i'm super extra dayemmmm lazy!!!! @_@

I've just feeling quite awake today.. These past few days, i've been somewhat in half doze state... i've even experienced not eating for 20 hrs straight.... What a STUPID thing to do... =S

My health is not exactly very good right now...well,... i do not treat my body very good lately...

I have to change...
I have to re-organize my life..

Anyway, i'll be back in Kuching tomorrow, hopefully... It's a 3 weeks holiday..the longest i could ever have in MMU... XD

Hopefully there will be no difficulties on my trip home...

What will i do during this holiday?


usually, i'd just hang around jenk's place... but jenk & family is not in Kuching anymore.. T_T...

I had thought of bringing my guitar back with me this time, but it seems like i'll not be jamming much this holiday...

I'll just bring one of my Gundam kits with me instead.. ^^
That'll help pass the time.

By the end of this holiday.. My Gundam Kyrios would be completed!

Okay...will post on the updates on my Kyrios soon..


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2 is entitled "Twin Drive"

I'm pretty confused on the name of the rebel forces... It's either Catalan or Kataron.. i don't know which is right..

Apparently, Allelujah was captured after the end of the 1st season.


In episode 2:
  • The testing of 00 Gundam's twin drive has been unsuccessful until now. All possible combinations with the exception of Exia's GN drive has been tested. They didn't mention which other GN drives so i assume its all the other 4(0 Gundam, Dynames, Kyrios & Virtue).
  • Kathy Mannequin accepted the role as a captain in A-Laws.
  • Saji now knows of the Gundam Throne & the truth behind the attack on Spain that kills Louise's family.
  • The commander of A-Laws is Homer Katagiri. A relative of Billy Katagiri I suppose.
  • Celestial Being, or just Setsuna now didn't bother keeping their identity secret. I said that because Setsuna is revealing Sumeragi's identity in front of Billy. This seemed to me is somehow inappropriate step for CB or Setsuna. They should be more careful.
  • Marina Ismail got arrested by A-Laws.
  • Lyle Dylandy accepts the offer to join CB as a gundam meister, or should I say for now he's monitoring CB's action on behalf of Kataron.
  • Wang Liu Mei gives a certain information about the current CB to Ribbons Almark (The Innovator). What's her motive this time? =S
  • Nena Trinity serves directly under Wang Liu Mei.
  • The Innovator somehow is secretly in contact with Homer Katagiri, the commander of A-Laws.
  • With the information provided by Wang Liu Mei, The Innovator reveals them to Homer & thus revealing the location of CB's mothership.
  • Mileina replaces Christina Sierra on Ptolemaious.
  • A-Laws attack on Ptolemaious 2.
  • The only functional suit on Ptolemaious now is Selavee Gundam. 00 Gundam is not operational until the end of the episode.
  • GN drives on 00 Gundam is from Exia & 0 Gundam.
  • Setsuna starts up 00 Gundam with Trans-Am system. I wonder if 00 Gundam will have to use Trans-Am system every time it starts up?
  • GN particles emitted by the twin drives of 00 Gundam can be use as a shield from beam attacks.
  • The twin drive system is apparently unknown to the Innovators.
  • Everyone aboard Ptolemaious welcomes the new Lockon with a shock.
Screenshots from the episode:

Personally, i don't really like the part when Setsuna miraculously able to start up 00 Gundam. Somehow it seemed immature to me. Well, its an anime after all.

Overall, the episode is OK for me. Not much excitement. You get to see the 'coolness' of 00 Gundam though. I want the gunpla! ^^

Episode 3 will be entitled "Allelujah's Rescue Operation".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alter Bridge Ft. Cristina Scabbia

I want to jamm this song!!!

It's sooo nice....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 1

Finally!! after so long.. Gundam 00 continues...^^

Just watched episode 1 just now entitled "The Angels Descends Again ...

In the first episode, we get to see characters from season 1 making a comeback. Of course there are new characters as well.

The episode starts off with showing a certain anti-Federation organization, later revealed as Cataron's forces being wiped out by Federation's peace-keeping force, A-Laws.

The first 'old' character to make an appearance in this episode is Shirin Bakhtiar, former advisor of Princess Marina Ismail of the Kingdom of Azadistan. She is now with Cataron.

Shirin, now with Cataron

New character, seems to be the commander of Cataron, planning a rescue operation at Lagrange 4: Proud Colony.

Sergei Smirnov & Soma Peries now living together.

Soma Peries

Sergei Smirnov

Sergei is curious about the Federation's new forces, A-Laws because of too many 'unknowns' as the new forces appears to be an independent one.

There's something going on between Sergei & Soma. I wonder what it is.. =S

Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad is currently working at Proud colony, and as luck has it, he got caught by the Federation under the accusation of being involved with Cataron.

Ian Vashti & his daughter(a new crew of Ptolemaios)

Tieria Arde

With all the commotion in Proud colony Tieria Arde makes his appearance & decided to send out Selavee Gundam, hoping to meet Setsuna there. Setsuna is still M.I.A since four years ago after the final battle.

Oppression by the Federation

Federation's MS: Ahead & GN-XIII A-Laws Type

The Federation's MS now emits yellow GN particles instead of red.

Setsuna F. Seiei makes his appearance infiltrating Proud colony, to investigate the current world situation & the new Federation's peace-keeping force, A-Laws.

Setsuna F. Seiei

Louise Halevy is now a MS pilot! She pilots one of the MS that is on a mission of attacking Proud Colony's rescue operation by the Cataron.

New Automaton units of the A-Laws. An anti-personnel unit.

The Automaton inhumanly killing off all Cataron personnel in the Proud Colony.

After witnessing the A-Laws misuse their power & oppressing the people, it seems that the world has not change since 4 years ago. Setsuna decides to take action. Amidst the confusion, he & Saji met.
Setsuna met Saji

After successfully rescuing Saji & escaping from the Automatons, they met...

Exia's Ghost!!!!! ^^

Beaten up Exia actually.. ^^... with a cape??

Setsuna is still piloting his beaten up Exia, manage Type... manage to hold off 3 Federation's MS for awhile.

Louise is somehow paralyzed after seeing Exia(i think she is still traumatized by the past tragedy).

Exia's GN sword got cut off!!

A beaten up Exia is apparently no match for the Federation's new mobile suit.At the critical moment, Tieria comes to the rescue in his Selavee Gundam...

Tieria to the rescue!!!

As usual with Tieria, there will be huge blast!! ^^

Selavee got a huge Gundam face on its back

A-Laws retreated.

Feldt Grace

Lasse Aeon

The two talked about how Setsuna would be surprised seeing Lasse still alive.

Setsuna met Tieria

Saji blames Celestial being for the lost of his sister, Louise's injury & the lost of her whole family.

Louise had to take some medication. I wonder what for? =S

Ribbons Almark
As usual, he's plotting something.

Wang Liu Mei

Marina Ismail

Sumeragi Lee Noriega is with Billy Katagiri now? is that Billy behind her?

Graham Aker with mask.

Sergei's son, Andrei.

Soma's expression here is cute.^^

Allelujah Haptism
Why is Allelujah all tied up like that??? =S

Setsuna returns to Celestial Being and...

Setsuna: "yay!! i got new gundam"
Gundam 00

Setsuna met Lockon(Neil)'s twin brother, Lyle Dylandy.

Lyle is currently a member of Catalan. He's invited to be Celestial Being's new gundam Meister and will inherits his brother's codename, Lockon Stratos.

That's all for the first episode. I can't wait for next week!!!! ^^
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