Monday, April 27, 2009


One assignment done!!! yeahh!! 2 more to go!... and 2 presentations... and 1 mid term... before final... =P

I like this pic..^^
Photo courtesy of Al and his awesome camera~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monash Music Festival

Had a performance in Monash just was... like Jeremy(our bassist) said "premature" ^^...

We are suppose to have 30 minutes slot...But got cut off after our 3rd song and was kind of being 'politely asked to get off the stage' by the emcee...Which sucks...We should have just played like 2 songs and got off the stage before the emcee can announce us off since they were so determined to cut off band performance's time on stage. They should have just give all the band's 15 minutes slot from the beginning...not 30...

Anyway, for me, the performance was just so-so...At least we got to perform our 2nd original song in Monash for the first time.

Just for the sake of putting photos in my posts..
The figure I bought from the 'egg' thingy at Metrojaya at Mid Valley...

Feldt Grace from Gundam 00 Season 1
(Her head-body proportion looks a bit weird because she's 14 in the anime, so, they make her proportion a bit kiddy)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funny moments from Bleach

One of the funny moments from Bleach.. ^^

Taken from episode 216...
A scene between Yumichika Ayasegawa and an arrancar named Charlotte Cuulhourne!

Yumichika: ...

Yumichika: !!!

Yumichika: Huh?!

Arrancar: Here! Here! Here!


Arrancar: Eyes over here!

Arrancar: I'm King Barragan's number one Fraccion, Charlotte Cuulhourne!


Yumichika: ....~

Charlotte: Oh, my!

Charlotte: Oro?

Charlotte: Oro?

Charlotte: Oro?

Charlotte: Oro?

Yumichika: Hmphhhh!!!

Charlotte: ??

Yumichika: I refuse to taint my eyes with such ugliness!

Charlotte: Oh, my!

Yumichika: Ouch!

Yumichika: Wh-Wh-Wh-What the hell gives, you freak?!

Charlotte: That's totally my line! How dare you call someone ugly the first time you set eyes on them?! Listen up!

Charlotte: People who are truly ugly are those who judge others by their appearances.

Charlotte: Yes, just like you and your dirty heart!

Charlotte: That line was just too perfect! That's right! I, and my pure heart, are the true embodiment of beauty!

Charlotte: It's a beauty beyond compare!

Charlotte: Do you understand?

Yumichika: hmmpppphhhhhhhh

Charlotte: ...


Charlotte: These are great thoughts. At least look at me you skanky twink!

Yumichika: I don't have to look at you and those lines stank, you skeevy beast!

Charlotte: Look at me already! C'mon!

Yumichika: I don't wanna!

Charlotte: C'mon!

Yumichika: hmpphhhh!

Charlotte: C'mon!

Yumichika: ......

Charlotte: C'mon already!

Yumichika: ...............!!!

Yumichika: Stop it!

Yumichika: Get that ugly face of yours away from me!


Charlotte: You said it again! Again! You called me ugly!

Yumichika: I'll say more than that! You're fug-pug-ugly!


This scene is hilarious!!!!=D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GunPla Updates...'s time for me to write something.. it's almost the end of April..=)

Lately, I really do suffer from extreme laziness... I lack any motivation to do just about anything besides sitting in my room watching animes, tv series and stuff like that...owh.. and building gunplas...My gunpla collection have some sort of progress lately... If afiq's not around to pick me up for band practice, I doubt I will be going out at all. I'd like to share some photos of a gunpla that took me just 1 day to complete...

HG 1/144 OO's 1/144 it's quite small..that's why i can finish it in one go..

For this kit, all I did was cut the part from its runners and snap fit them together...No sanding the surface like I always did for my gunpla..

For the panel lines, i used black Real Touch Marker...color the edges...and wipe out the excessive ink with cotton buds...its easy... less time consuming..and the effects are pretty cool...=P

For gunpla this small...coloring the head is a pain...the yellow fin, the grey part on the cheek and the red part connecting the fin to the head needs coloring..

Action pose

Playing around with camera focus ^^

This kit is very flexible for a 1/144 scale..

With some blurring effects...

It looks like as if the Gundam is moving^^

Cool blurring effect

Can be done by manually moving the camera towards the object while snapping^^
It ain't always the sharp photos that always look good...=P

Coming up next:

1/100 Kyrios...
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