Saturday, August 22, 2009

MG Force Impulse Part 2

For part 2, I'm gonna show the 2nd part of the main body of Impulse Gundam, the Chest Flyer.

See part 1 here

Chest Flyer is actually consists of:
1. Torso
2. Head
3. Arms & Hands
4. Shoulders
5. Beam Rifle
6. Shield

I started of building the Chest Flyer by building its torso first,

The parts needed for the torso:

Torso assembled:

Parts needed for the head:

Assembled head:

You can see the small markings(X56S SEI) on the forehead which is kinda neat, considering how small this kit is. With my fingers visible on the photo above, you can clearly see the size of the head. Awesome detailing by Bandai. ^^

Parts needed for the arms & hands:

Basically I just show parts for one hand, as for the other hand, the parts are more or less similar with some mirrored version of the same parts.

Arms & hands completed:

Parts needed for shoulders:

Shoulders completed:

Parts needed for the beam rifle:

Beam rifle assembled:

Parts needed for the shield:

Shield completed:

Okay, with all the individual units completed, it's time to assemble them together to form the Chest Flyer.

Chest Flyer completed:

Core Splendor & Chest Flyer:

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